Haters call me The Evil Tobacco!!!

I am Tobacco, My Haters call me The Evil Tobacco

Born for medicines, for curing by Nico Tiana!

But I love to unfix, as I am ultimate Dracula Na!!

Smoke, chew or snuff me, but don’t try to mess with me!

My specialty is to kick, heart lungs and liver till dead risk!

Millions die when fall in affection, it’s my habit, my concoction!

One who try to destroy my empire, witness me as Real Vampire!!

But on one fateful day, I started losing my way!

Saint Dr. MSG, sermons- One minute One life is mine dreadful effects!

Unbelievingly masses started knowing my intentions, burned me alive in Spiritual Congregation!

Dr. MSG opposes all intoxicants, campaign against drug addiction!

But I stood, fight, spread my compulsive desire with consumer’s companionship formation!!

Dr. MSG blesses free method of meditation, a magical medicine to build will power!

Frankly speaking, millions bonfires me and vowed to never partake till survival!!

I realizes my worth, should not consumed without medical purpose!

Join the mission to save Human, from drugs as Dera Sacha Sauda is a great Rehabilitation!

Guys this is my small efforts to aware masses about dreadful effects of Tobacco.

In India, Dera Sacha Sauda, a greatest Rehab and Reform Center where millions quit deadly dependence on intoxicants by reciting method of meditation under Holy guidance of Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan. In Spiritual Congregation, millions vowed and burnt Indian cigarette, betel nuts, tobacco etc. in a Public Bonfire.

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19 thoughts on “Haters call me The Evil Tobacco!!!

      1. Hi kalpana I stopped smoking permanently you my diss agree with me or agree I stopped smoking for reason lung collapsing 3 times trapped air chests drains the lot I wouldn’t wish this on anyone never Touristic surgery chest drain s black market tobacco deadly chemicals I smoked since I was a kid now I got cursed go Phil Collins concert not dead yet Tour next day nearly dead but for me not like thousands of other s I bypassed everything myself no help from nobody you have strong feeling about tobacco be happy I am now I stopped odd thing tobacco can mad people depressed no lie been three done it I learned my lesson dead nearly never again am better with out toxic chemicals fumes I am helping others to stop to I wouldn’t wish this on anyone what I went though

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      2. Hi did it over 35 years smoking had no choice its stopped permanent no re turn back I dint think anything of it its all the chest drains I had made me think life I prefer not the other black market tobacco did it I wouldn’t wish this on anyone on this planet its lung deflating down bad very I over come everything myself thanku for understanding me will power I have choice I had only one stop permanent I did glad I did or I wouldn’t be here right now thanks for being good friend on here peace my friend your blogs cool

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    1. I see you like this tobacco deadly chemical smoking topic yep highly dangerous what happened to me will happen to millions of other s if they don’t stop smoking I learned my lesson big time trapped air lung chest drain s 3 times Touristic surgery I went though he’ll and back again then over come everything myself over 35 years smoking black market tobacco s fags they are the worst more mix d chemicals in them because there cheaper to buy this information is future use for good people don’t smoke anyone you may of like me and look what happened am sharing a small part of my life real call it story but real a lot of people can learn from this by thinking do I want to go though what he went though the people my think twice before they smoke my be short time then stop everyone has there own path mine I change d around millions would find this hard to do after all them years choice I had non I was actually getting sick of chest drain s though the in side of your ribs its not nice I was ment to have operation Touristic surgery I said to surgeon lets see how I go am fine still because I stopped smoking permanently damage my lung sucks I ad mit that smoking its if ones board no lie been three done it and everyone else has all I can say my friend s think before you start smoking don’t smoke black market tobacco deadly that’s what nearly killed me next day after phil Collins not dead yet Tour concert hospital next day anyone who is coughing all time means lung problem s I won’t Explain how and why I no all I can say if people smoke get rid of all mucus from you r lungs or it blocks you up then you carnt breath bad I learned everything myself certain way worked I started herbal remedies now fruit s veg pure water thanku for understanding and reading this true fact about toxic chemicals fumes tobacco or any fumes protect your lungs life’s not a game with chemicals be safe thanku for reading and thanku Rishu peace,

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