Unbelievably a movie changed the destiny of a Farmer!

When Rain pours, my heart roars!

My mind dwells in aspiration, & body in perspiration!

Hoping this rain flourish my fields in proliferation!!

Enervating hours, scorching Sun!

Never stop my appetite to work and churn!!

I compost, I plant, I water, I weed and I harvest!

Frankly speaking I love my work to the fullest!!

Land preparation, seed selection, sowing and irrigation!

Give a glimpse of my glare, my zeal and dedication!!

As Days passed, my crops started growing fast!

But my hard work will go in vein, when my soil smells no Rain!

Crop failure will leave me depressed and heartbroken!

Jerk my valour, my complacency, my ignition!!

Seeing my colleagues loosing hope, surmounted by depression, committing suicide!

Leaving their families, devastated, debt-burden is definitely a culpable homicide!!

No ray of hope, black clouds not pouring drops!

One day a beacon of light, shines my mind to an ultimate delight!!

Never thought one movie in Silver Screen, fill my life with yo-yo swing!!

Weaved with social messages and laughter, โ€œJATTU ENGINEERโ€ is a true Blockbuster!

Inciting farmers not to commit suicide, face problems with courage, determination and fight!

Adopt Organic and dry farming, with low cost greenhouse techniques!

Minimize dependency on chemical fertilizers and use biogas slurry, manure, vermi-compost, animal urine in fields to the peak!!

Farmers learned artificial climate controlled environmental techniques to grow foreign species at sub-fertile lands!

Water-conservation, Bio-gas, Solar plant and Tree plantation, ways to burgeon our barren lands!!

Pledge to clean surroundings, Say no to Open-defecation and crop-residue burnings!

Now my heart always roars, Will-power & Confidence heal my sores!

JATTU ENGINEER leaves no stone unturned, transforming lives & accelerating Sustainable goals!

Never think a movie can change Misfortune to treasure, cheer my mind with Sghaint Singhโ€™s flare!!

Entertainment, Hilarity and life-transforming lessons in a mix, JATTU ENGINEER movie made my mind fix!

No depression, no sadness, no evil thoughts, I am a Food provider with passable guts!!

*Sghaint Singh is a character in a movie JATTU ENGINEER.

16 thoughts on “Unbelievably a movie changed the destiny of a Farmer!

  1. It’s rare to understand the pitiful condition of Indian Farmers & the reason behind committing suicides. Really Hats Off to the Inspiration like “JATTU ENGINEER” movies which turned their misfortune into TREASURE, by providing knowledge regarding Organic Farming.

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