Cosmos conspires to unite Two Infinities……

When night spread its darkness to the zest,

People enunciated their acute sufferings!

When souls wandered around materialist desires,

Aura of divinity started flickering with virtuosity!!

Be it innocent killing or dependency on intoxicants,

Light of God incarnated to defeat Satan’s!

In January 1960, Shah Mastana Ji sermonized divine Incarnation,

After 7 years, I embodied into Young, will be a Spiritual Coronation!!

Nobody understood divine prophecy, until,

Young MSG incarnated and HIS deeds glorifies Spiritual Legacy!

At tender age of 8, Driving tractor, ploughing fields, helping poor and playing 32 games,

Exemplifies HIS virtuosity, true Philanthropy and Spiritual Aim’s!!

At just age Seven, Shah Satnam Ji bestowed HIM method of Meditation,

Entire Cosmos began conspiracies, as Infinity found Charismatic Unity!

Heavenly moment is just near,

Eternal celebration enjoyed every year!

Shah Satnam ji invited disciples, and chose MSG as HIS Successor!!

On 23 September, 1990, at the very Young age of 23,Saint MSG chose Humanity,

Sacrificed HIMSELF to the cause of magnanimity!

Shah Satnam Ji bestowed Spiritual wealth,

Embodied HIMSELF into Young body, the first Historical phenomenon of earth!

60 million souls enjoys benison,

This adornment of Royal seat was the end of their desolation!!

Caravan of divinity never ends its rejuvenation,

It’s a beginning of Spiritual celebration!

Two Infinites united into Unseen knot,

Blessed rain filled all draught!

133 Humanitarian works with restless nights,

A big Landmark in the Historical sights!!

Saint MSG proverbs :-

‘Service to mankind is service to God’

‘Love is God and God is Love’

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