Finally the moment is here…..

Finally the moment is here,

When love is in the air!

Ecstasy dive in the ocean,

Love, compassion and welfare found in million!!

Birds dying with hunger,trees dried with thirst,

Fishes eating ethene, outrage of pain burst!

Destitutes thriving for food and clothes,

People dying bleeding on roads!!

A Light of hope incarnated on August,

Listening to the devastated souls gust!

Benevolence blessed in abundance,

It’s the time to sing and dance!!

HE holded light of true wisdom,

HE guided path of true devotion!

HE inspired to quit drugs, alcohol and do good deeds,

HE motivated to donate blood, plant trees!

HE listened to the pain of poor and needy,

HE instilled Humanity in every devotee!

HE founded Green S Welfare Force Wing,

This trained Force saving lives selflessly in need of hour,

During Earthquake, fire, cyclone and disasters,

Trained men power of Green S Force saving lives in such exigencies horror!

HE reintegrated prostitutes, eunuchs and tribals,

They earned respect, love and amalgamated into mainstream with pals!

HE played 32 National games,

HE wrote,sung songs and played all musical instruments!

HE made movies to channelize Youth’s energy in positive direction,

HE is the guiding force under millions of lives transformation!

August is the month of HIS Holy Incarnation,

Millions wishing Happy Birthday to Saint Dr.MSG by Tree plantation!!

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