Who knows small Kid filled with generosity in Heart is a Divine light of God….

A 5 year old Kid asked by HIS mother to sell sweets to Market.

On the way, Kid found people who were hungry and striving for food.

5 year old Kid filled with generosity in heart and gave all sweets to those people.

Suddenly HE reminded, Ohh! these sweets were for sell, what would I reply to my Mother when she asked for Money.

Small Kid went to do labour at shop, worked for the whole day and collected money to give to HIS Mother.

Shopkeeper just stunned by Hard work of Kid looking from well-established family, How come it’s possible that such a small Kid do work so fast and complete multiple people work alone.

Shopkeeper followed small Kid to know who was HE and why HE came for work to his shop?

Kid reached HIS home and gave all money earned by HIS work to Mother.

Till now, Shopkeeper reached HIS home and conveyed everything about Kid to HIS mother.

Mother’s eyes filled with tears by generosity, hardwork and magnanimous behavior of her child at the very young age of 5.

Who knows this small Kid will be Founder Saint Shah Mastana Ji Maharaj Of World’s No. 1 Socio-Welfare Organisation – Dera Sacha Sauda.

133 Humanitarian works with 22 Guinness World records, 44 Asia book of records, 3 Limca book of records are bagged by Dera Sacha Sauda under guidance of Revered Saint Shah Mastana Ji Maharaj.


Thanks for reading.

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