Let’s visit a place where God is bestowing happiness…..

Place where Soul starts rejoicing,

Like breeze of cool air touching,

Where Heart says I am dancing,

Let’s visit a place where God is bestowing (happiness)!


Feel the essence, when you enamour entrance!

*Shah Satnam Ji Dham

2. Wonderland :-

All your exhilaration, will be powered by this beautification!

*MSG Wonderland

3.International Schools for studies :

Students or players, always topped the Creamy Layer!

*MSG Glorious International School

*Shah Satnam Ji Institutions

4. Best Place for amusement :-

Movie, music or delicacy, Kashish restaurant, Mahi Cinema hall holds Supremacy !

5. Heartfelt Care for Needy :-

Poor, lost, devastated or ill, get free care, love and compassion with full will!

*Shah Satnam Ji Super Speciality Hospital

Located in westernmost region of India, this place Sirsa resides in everlasting memories of visitors.

Do visit and enjoy beauty when you get a chance to visit India.


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